Apimondia 2005


Yeast Amounts in European and Tropical Honeys

Rene Timmroth, Karl Speer, Gudrun Beckh und Cord Luellmann

First World Honeydew Honey Symposium, Tzarevo, Bulgaria, 1-3 August, 2008


Honeydew Honey Production Data

IHC meeting, International Symposium on Authenticity and Quality of Bee Products and 2nd World Symposium on Honeydew Honey,
Chania, Greece, 7-10 April, 2010




You can ask Stefan Bogdanov for pdf's of the conference powerpoint presentations.


IHC Meeting Reports

Athens 2001


Stability of Hydroymethylfurfural during Determination by HPLC

A. Känzig, D. Kaufmann and S. Bogdanov

Tzarevo, Bulgaria 2008


Short Report on the Meeting
Propolis Update

Vassya Bankova


Rapid Determination of Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) in Honey via Reflectoquant (Merck)

Kurt-Peter Raezke


Adulteration of Honey: State of the Art

Lutz Elflein, Kurt-Peter Raetzke and Vassil Valkov


Detection of Beeswax Adulteration

Ewa Was, Helena Rybak and Teresa Szczesna


Bee Pollen Vitamins

Ligia Muradian


Stingless Bee Honey

Ligia Muradian

Buenos Aires 2011

Meeting Agenda
Propolis Research Status
Vassya Bankova