A bee comb has six sides,
on each a magic thing it hides:
Take wax, pollen and a spoon of honey
and you will be healthy and sunny
Try propolis, royal jelly, venom
and you'll enjoy bee's poem.


Welcome to the Bee Hexagon -

The  Bee Product Website

of the bee product scientist Stefan Bogdanov


The bees have chosen the hexagon as a building cell for their combs.
One reason for this is that this form is especially economic in regard to expenditure of energy and material and has a maximal strength, able to store heavy honey in it: a comb of 100 g weight can hold in it up to 4 kg of honey!
And may be also, because the bees want to show us, that they offer us six wonderful products:

honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and bee venom.
I would like to offer here some fascinating and useful facts on these “six wonders”.

This website is updated regularly, as many fascinating facts about the bee products remain to be discovered.