From the “Runahal”
A drink I (Odin) took of the magic mead
Taken out of Odroerir
Then I began to bloom and to be wise,
and to grow and thrive
word came to me from word,
deed came to me from deed

From Balders Dream
Here for Balders the mead is brewed
The shining drink
Hail to thee, Loke and take thou here
The crystal cup of old mead
From me at least of all the goods
Blameless though knowest to be

From Balders Death and Loke’s Punishment

That Mead that Hel brewed mingling floods
Of all Fountains of Life. He will drink
And all Wisdom, all Good will be his
And the dead that in love drink those waters
Are His and the Redeemed are Blessed
For that Mead they drink will transfigure
Their ghosts and new bodies will clothe them
With Strength and Beauty immortal.

From Havamal, the Words of Odin, the High One
Less good than belief would have it
Is mead for the sons of men:
A man knows less the more he drinks,
Becomes a befuddled fool

When he meets friends, the fool gapes,
Is shy and sheepish at first,
Then he sips his mead and immediately
All know what an oaf he is.

Drink your mead, but in moderation,
Talk sense or be silent:
No man is called discourteous who goes
To bed at an early hour.

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