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Eros, stung by a bee,
ran away and cried for plea:
Venus, mother, I must cry,
please help me or I‘ll die
What a terrible disgrace,
a dragon bit me on my face
Venus and Eros, A. Dürer, 1514 Anacreon, Greece, 500 BC

Bee venom

Beneficial properties
like the love arrows of Eros, the bee sting and its venom is both painful and healing!!
Indeed, besides the painful toxic effects, bee venom has many beneficial biological ones.
The most important ones are: anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, pain-soothing;
anti-bacterial; immuno-suppressive;radiation-protective; improves hemoglobin synthesis, anti-coagulant;accelerates heart beat, increase blood circulation, lowers blood pressure;lowers cholesterol levels;activates the central nervous system;stimulates building of endogenous cortisone.
In medicine most outstanding  is bee venom's use in treating rheumatic arthritis;
bv or its components have promising properties against autoimmune diseases like MS, Parkinson and Alzheimers.

Toxic reactions and first aid after bee stings

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The Bee Venom Book                     Update


Book originally published in 2011, since then chapters were annually updated