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Rig Veda 1:90:6-8

Let every wind that blows drop honey
Let the rivers and streams recreate honey
Let all our medicines turn honey
Let the dawn and evening be full of honey
Let the dark particles be converted to honey
Our nourisher, this sky above, be full of honey
Let our trees be honey
Let the Sun be honey
Let our cows secrete honey

Also from the Rig-Veda

My tongue hath honey at the tip, and sweetest honey at the root.
Thou yieldest to my wish and will, and shalt be mine and only mine.
My coming in is honey sweet, and honey sweet my going forth;
My voice and words are sweet: I fain would be like honey in my look
Around thee have I girt a zone of sugar-cane to banish hate
That thou may'st be in love with me, my darling, never to depart.