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The International Honey Commission -
World Network of Honey and Bee Product Science

An International Honey Commission (IHC) was formed in 1990 in order,
to create a new world honey standard. 

All modern routine honey analysis methods were collaboratively tested and compiled as "Harmonised methods of the European Honey Commission", published in Apidologie, extra issue, 1-59, 1997. Based on these method the Codex Alimentarius Standard and the EU Honey Directive were revised.

Next, the major European unifloral honeys were characterised in a special issue of Apidoligie (2004), allowing the international trade with these honeys.

Presently the IHC is chaired by Gudrun Beckh, Germany, co-chairs are Teresa Sancho, Spain; Ligia Bicudo, Brazil and Vikas Nanda, India.

Current Objectives of the IHC

The specific current objectives of the IHC are

  • To work out better and new analysis methods of honey and the other bee products
  • To inform members of the group on current aspects of quality and control of honey and other bee products
  • To work out standards for other bee products besides honey
  • To work out quality criteria for specific honeydew honeys


Reports and Conferences

Publications and Standards

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