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Honey Standards

Codex Alimentarius, 2001

European Honey Directive, 2001

Publications by the IHC


Harmonised Methods of the International Honey Commision
originally published in Apidologie, 1997;  updated in 2009
Stefan Bogdanov, Cord Luellmann and Peter Martin

Special Issue of Apidologie on European Unifloral Honeys, 2004
The copyright of the following publications belongs to EDP Sciences and the originals are available at

Determination of honey botanical origin: problems and issues
L. Persano Oddo and S. Bogdanov

Physico-chemical methods for the characterisation of unifloral honeys: a review
S. Bogdanov, K. Ruoff and L. Persano Oddo

Sensory analysis applied to honey: state of the art
M.L. Piana, L. Persano Oddo, A. Bentabol, E. Bruneau, S. Bogdanov and C. Guyot Declerck

Harmonized methods of melissopalynology
W. von der Ohe, L. Persano Oddo, M. L. Piana, M. Morlot and P. Martin

Main European unifloral honeys: descriptive sheets
L. Persano Oddo and R. Piro

Bibliographical review of the main European unifloral honeys
M. G. Piazza and L. Persano Oddo

Botanical species giving unifloral honey in Europe
L.Persano Oddo, L. Piana, S.Bogdanov, A. Bentabol, P. Gotsiou, J.Kerkvliet, P. Martin, A.O.Ortiz, Kaspar Ruoff and K. von der Ohe


Quality and standardisation of Royal Jelly
Anna Gloria Sabatini, Gian Luigi Marcazzan, Maria Fiorenza Caboni,
Stefan Bogdanov, Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian
provided with permission of IBRA, the International Bee Research Association


Pollen composition and standardisation of analytical methods
Maria G. R. Campos, Stefan Bogdanov, Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian,Teresa Szczesna, Yanina Mancebo, Christian Frigerio, Francisco Ferreira
Provided with permission of IBRA, the International Bee Research Association


Chemical characteristics of poplar type propolis of different geographic origin
Milena P. Popova, Vassya S. Bankova, Stefan Bogdanov, Iva Tzvetkova, Christo Naydenski, Gian Luigi Marcazzan, Anna-Gloria Sabatini