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to bee or
not to bee
sweet blessing
in spite of all the
nusty painful stings

Prehistoric man gathering honey high on the rocks
A rock painting made 6000 BC, Cueva de la
Arana, near Valencia, Spain

A video shows how bees make honey


You can download for free any of the chapters of the Honey Book if you are a member of the Bee Hexagon Knowledge Network (free membership offered). Book will be updated, look at the publication date.

The Honey Book

                                                                                                                                          Publication or Update

1. Introduction and Short History of Honey May 2011
2. Elaboration and Harvest April 2011
3. Honey Technology April 2011
4. Physical Properties of Honey May 2011
5. Honey Compostion May 2017
6. Honey Types May 2017
7. Control and Trade May 2017
8. Honey as Nutrient and Functional Food May 2017
9. Honey for Medicine and Health May 2017

 Book originally published in 2011, since then some chapters were annually updated