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Prehistoric man gathering honey high on the rocks
A rock painting made 6000 BC, Cueva de la
Arana, near Valencia, Spain

to bee or
not to bee
sweet blessing
in spite of all the
nusty painful stings

A video shows how bees make honey


You can download for free any of the chapters of the Honey Book if you are a member of the Bee Hexagon Knowledge Network (free membership offered). Book will be updated, look at the publication date.

The Honey Book


1. Introduction and Short History of Honey

5 May 2011

2. Elaboration and Harvest

 20 April 2011

3. Honey Technology

 20 April 2011

4. Physical Properties of Honey

5 May 2011

5. Honey Compostion

 5 May 2011

6. Honey Types

5 May 2011

7. Control and Trade

 February 2014

8. Honey as Nutrient and Functional Food

February 2014

9. Honey for Medicine and Health

February 2014

10. The Honey Book (all chapters)

February 2014

Honey in Nepal,  by Surrendra Joshi 

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Original Publications

Antibacterial substances in honey

Nature and Origin of the antibacterial substances in honey

Honey Authenticity: a Review 

Minerals in honey: environmental, geographical and botanical aspects

provided with the permission of IBRA, the International Bee Research Association

Classsification of honeydew and blossom honeys by dicriminant analysis

HMF, invertase and diastase Activity of Swiss and imported honey - analysis with logistic regression


Peter Molan's Honey in Medicine