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Call for Abstracts

Main topics
Abstracts on the six main topics of the conference, but also on all topics covering sustainable and organic beekeeping can be submitted:

1. Sustainable beekeeping and beekeeping in developing countries:
Beekeeping and rural development, beekeeping environment, beekeeping as supporting livelihood, traditional, sustainable and organic apicultural practice, honey production and technology

2. Beekeeping management
Management of colonies and combs, feeding practice, breeding and selection practice, individual management or beekeeping cooperatives

3. Disease control
Natural honey bee colony defence mechanisms, side effects of the bee drugs, safe and ecological treatments, pest control strategies in organic beekeeping

4. Beekeeping environment
Optimal environment for organic beekeeping, allowed agricultural practices near the bee hives, bees influence on the biodiversity

5. Bee products and apitherapy
Contaminations sources from the environment and from the beekeeping practice, quality criteria, quality issues for nutrition and apitherapy, organic apitherapy

6. Regulation and certification
National and supranational regulations, regulations of associations, harmonisation of regulations at national level, certification practice and requirements of certification bodies, individual and joint certification.

These topics will have priorities for the decision for acceptance for oral or poster presentation. Other topics on organic beekeeping and beekeeping in developing countries are also welcome. The decision whether the submitted communication is accepted as an oral presentation or as a poster will be taken by the scientific committee.

Submission and Deadlines:
The deadline for abstract submission is extended to the 15th of May.

Submission of abstracts 15.5.2010
Notification to participants 1.6.2010
Publication of definite program 15.6.2010

All abstracts should be submitted in English and should not contain figures.
Use the following form for submitting the abstracts. After filling it out send it to:
Stefan Bogdanov, bogitrue(at)

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