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Standards, Certification

European Council Regulation 1804/91

European Council Regulation 834/2007

European Council Regulation 889/2008

Canadian Organic Honey Standards

USA N.O.S.B. standard draft for organic beekeeping

Australian National Organic Standard

New Zealand technical rules for organic beekeeping

Demeter Biodynamic Standard

NOSB Guidelines for Group Certification

Publications and Writings

Organic standards and guidelenes in organic apiculture 
Ulrich Broeker

What does sustainable apiculture mean?
Michael Thiele

Sustainable beekeeping
Erik Osterlund

Survival of a commercial beekeeper in Norway
Hans-Otto Johnsen

Introductionary study for breeding Varroa resistant bees 
T.Forsman, P.Idestroem and E. Oesterlund

Survival of mite infested (Varroa destructor) honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies in a Nordic climate
I. Fries, A. Imdorf and P. Rosenkranz

Alternative strategy in central Europe for the control of Varroa destructor in honey bee colonies
A.Imdorf, J.D.Charriere, V.Kilchenmann, S.Bogdanov and P.Fluri

Beeswax replacement in organic beekeeping 
A.Imdorf, V.Kilchenmann, R.Kuhn and S.Bogdanov

Contaminants of bee products 
Stefan Bogdanov

Acaricide residues in beeswax after conversion to organic beekeeping methods 
M.Lodesani, C.Costa, G.Serra, R.Colombo, A.G.Sabatini

Ed and Dee Lusby on treatment-free beekeeping


A book on marketing of organic honey: summary 
Martin Hilmi

The Barefoot Beekeeper: summary 
Philip Chandler

How to build a top bar beehive
Philip Chandler

The Complete's Idiot Guide to Beekeeping
Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer the first book on treatment-free beekeeping coming out soon.